Posted by: surfshacktito | May 29, 2011

Aloha world!

NOTE TO ST STAFF: If you guys switch Forum software, we swear that we will stop what we are doing little cuzzes!

Aloha cuz’s! This is a blog dedicated for leaks on Skulltag! Thanks to our little cuz in Skulltag Staff, they are sending us images in the private lands of Skulltag. We only have one image for now, but it will fill up over time as our little cuz have sent us many in the past which have gone unnoticed but will eventually be unearthed and no longer swept under the carpet!

Here is Leak #1:

Thanks to this image, we now know that there is a “private” forum somewhere on the internet. Where? It could be on,, god knows where. It also mentions that there is an offtopic area which is to confuse us. But little cuz’s: that will not work anyways. Gee, if it’s only for the staff, what does that tell you? Yeah sure, it’s completely offtopic and foolproof guys. What morons. If I had to take a guess, it’s probably just staff land moved to new forums so that in the event the main forums get hacked, they have a dumb backup which probably will get hacked in time as well. Also, it will fail regardless. The forum post count (If it’s hidden then nevermind.) won’t match the total post count in the statistics you boneheads!

Leak #2 is a PM between Tiger and Metalhead! I don’t know the background behind this one, but it’s still pretty funny!

Regards to the some of the most recent events, I’d figure it is time to for me to share my thoughts on these matters. With the leaking information shows disloyalty and compromises SkullTag’s security from the executable engine to site protocols; moreover, not only will this strain development relationships, but security in itself is now and should be in question in full regards.

Some low-guarded holes that should be back tracked immediately:
* Old compromised password break-in’s [Not fully a Hijacked account, yet]
* Check all of the staffs (even retired users with special permissions) IPv4 addresses or even better MAC addresses if possible (as IPv4 can be altered with a simple hack), and assure that there was no intrusion. If a possible intrusion is found, don’t alarm the detect account owner until it is fully investigated further. Force them to change their key on the forums and other services on ST. However, if this continues the user is feeding information and should be blacklisted from special resources.
* Forum or Server Back Door [Silent Script Kiddie break-ins]
* A possibility that the forums might have a breach of security from a ‘Back Door’ that is giving our friends the advantage to exploit on the forums.

If incase a user is suspected of feeding leaked information tactics on revealing the answer will seem ‘unprofessional’ depending on how you wish todo this. Imagen their is a group rabbits or larger animals like bears that you want capture with a cage trap. First, you must plan how this trap will work and besure you can catch them without giving attention to yourself nor alarming them. Second, besure you that the ‘bait’ used will lure them to the trap. Thirdly, once a rabbit or rabbits is underneath that trap you made, you instantly let the cage drop on them, and you have dinner. [I’ am a visual person, so hopefully you guys are caught up with me on this]
So meaning, with the resources like the Liberty Doom Forums, ST ED (USER_Page:The_Mailman), and the Cheaters Forum board should be kept as part of the trap techniques, and lure them with an intensive information as like for example ‘fake’ code that will disable the aimbot or wallhack. However, keep in mind that this trap will most likely only work once. So the selected ‘groups’ of rabbits you want to use is your choice.

I remember a PM that I made to MetalHead and I think Eruanna aswell a while ago that seemed to leak over to the Liberty Doom Forums; I have my suspicions on the forums having a back door or said users (and even mine perhaps) might have been compromised. However, this was before SkullTag returned to Brad Carney’s server.

I hope this helps you guys in some degree in ending this massive conflict.


Little cuz, you think way beyond the normal. Whoever did all that damage must have really got you out of your cage! Cuz, this is Skulltag forums, not Sony! How do you check the MAC addresses online? I’m very curious as to how that would work!

Don’t PM me anymore Skulltag bullshit. I don’t want to see it. The one you want to talk to here is just Cyber. Torr is busy with Dev stuff and Eru and I are retired. Let them make their little dramatic pages, I don’t give a flying cunt fuck. I quit to get AWAY and stop having to read that garbage. Whoever is leaking info, well I dunno, that’s not my problem anymore. This whole piece of shit source port is no longer my problem. I hope it fucking dies.

And this is acompletely unedited PM! As you can see, Metal lashes out on Tiger and calls a port SHE used to admin (and still does heh.) a “shit source port” and she hopes it “fucking dies”. I wonder how Torr and Carn feel about their source port that they’ve worked on for years be called a “shit source port” by their own administrator! This little cuz needs to chillout and needs to take a surf on the ocean!

Also just to know little cuz’s, having an unmodded board won’t do anything for you! This exploit works perfectly on ALL versions of phpBB3! Modded or not, you will not escape the tiki wrath of Tito the great shack worker! (PS: Learn to take suggestions from others. I think I recall seeing someone mention that you should convert forums. Listen to that guy next time, smart person.)

Anyways that’s enough leaks for now! Hope you cuz’s enjoy this!

PS: As the ancient Hawaiian’s used to say: A rock is only as strong as it’s size!



  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Eruanna also broke my grill, that damn bitch!

  3. looks shopped

  4. Ah no little cuz, it’s all legit, that’s why the Admins are freaking out behind closed doors that someone leaked it.

  5. There’s only one issue with attempting to change places. We did plan on going to another place but at the time the one with shell access wouldn’t let any others have access…so technically it’s a lose lose situation for us…in any case not much we can really do on our side except backup and reboot. Oh well.

    I really don’t want to waste 150$ for a small forum like ST just to get vBulletin as it is. Granted I do consider your offer, it’s just depending on where we want to go if we can’t locate this exploit.

    Considering all other situations, perhaps we could come to some sort of negotiation? It would be nice to settle this little fiasco and get on with things ya know? I’ll be online on quakenet as Cyber (or Cyber- / Cyber–) if you’d like to talk.

    (BTW, hangover 2 is worth it, I just saw it tonight and it was great! I recommend it for anyone readin this)

  6. Little cuz, I’m on IRC as SurfShackTito waiting for you!

  7. Uahahaha Hello Cyb’, VBul is weaker than my grill that Eruanna broke, you’d be just as unsecure on that.

    By the way Cyb’, Eruanna ruined my Big BBQ event in 1997 by breaking my grill, I am still upset about that, I mean I understood when that Funnie kid did it, but Eruanna breaking my grill!?! That is unacceptable.

  8. Little cuz, what is taking so long to goto quakenet and type “/query SurfShackTito”? I’ve even had time to go for a quick surf during my lunch break! Hurry up cuz, my cuz Ray wants to laugh at you too!

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