Posted by: surfshacktito | June 24, 2011

New Leaks

Aloha little cuz’s! It’s been a while since we have posted! The surf shack has had alot of customers so we were busy cookin up on Mr. Dink’s new grill that he was able to afford through insurance! I’m pretty sure Eruanna knows about this grill! Anyways, it has been brought to our attention that we were mentioned on! We would like to thank that little cuz for leaking those awesome topics! Here are a few more leaks that were most likely not seen:

Now Mr. Dink wishes to take the rest of this post in his own hands!

Leak #1 – Staff forum Devil Hunter:

As you can see, Eruanna is noting this down, I hope she is as she brought something of mine down back in 97′.

(This image specifically was by our spy, we’d like to thank you for this one! And the many other ones we will release eventually!)

Leak #2 – Eruanna PM to Torr Samaho regarding a hacked build

Eruanna wants a hacked build of Skulltag with a wallhack in it! She wants to catch and burn those cheaters to the ground, just like what she did to my grill back in 97′!

Leak #3 – Kirb editing posts in Purgatory

Eruanna didn’t like mods editing the post and says they can’t handle the power. Just like how she couldn’t handle the power of my awesome now gone 97′ grill.

Leak #4 – Eruanna wants puke to be for server admins only

TL;DR don’t really care. All I care about is my poor 97′ grill that is now in some junkyard thanks to this bitch.

Leak #5 – Tiger’s Constant Reporting

Zap610 is starting to get annoyed. I’m starting to constantly remember my grill in 97′.

And without further ado, here is Tiger on all this:

That is all for now! Expect many more leaks in the future. Expect many more staff leaks, alot of IRC logs from staff land, and much much more!

EDIT: Also, if you have a request to see something leaked from that index page that was posted on altdeath, post on their forum cuz’s, not here as I won’t really read them.

(PS: As the ancient Hawaiian’s used to say: A bird who flies crooked has a hard time coming home!)


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